Tártaro Experience Menú (by Chef Toni Ripoll)


¿What to expect?

If you like good Tartar, you will love 5 good tartar.. 🙂

Starting with a “Russian Tartarus”, a specialty of the house, three other specialties are served in individual pots that combine pleasure with intense aromas: bluefin tuna, salmon, and squid served in the individual pots, a joy and an explosive combination of aromas.

The menu is crowned with a unique steak tartare – specially prepared by the chef with his personal spiciness. The dishes are accompanied by toasted bread, crackers, and fine butter. Drinks to choose from include Glorioso Crianza 2011 Red wine, water, or beer. To round up the taste experience, Chef Ripoll has chosen a genuine Majorcan classic as dessert: Gató with almond ice cream.

The experience Tatar menu (by Toni Ripoll)

Fine potato salad “Russian Tartarus” garnished with a fish specialty

Red tuna tartar
Salmon tartar
Octopus tartar

Main dish
Steak Tartar (the specialty of the house)

Water and/or
1. Red wine Rioja Crianza 2011 – Glorioso or similar (one bottle for two people)
2. Beer or non-alcoholic beverages (two drinks per person)

Gató with almond ice cream Coffee/tea/infusions Sweet Majorcan herbal liquor


Tasting of this menu requires a binding reservation and is served from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 20:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Saturday.

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