Self Driven Tour With Guide: Salt Marshes and Southern Cliffs in Mallorca


Mallorca is a fascinating island that has a lot to offer to you on your holidays.

It´s one of the best tourist destinies all over the world, being the number one for many experienced travelers.

One of the best ways to get to know it is by car, following a route, and making stops at the emblematic and interesting places.

If you decide to do it on your own, you might miss out on some special places and your journey won’t be as exciting as you expected.

Driveando gives you the possibility to perform experiential tourism taking you to the less know places rarely visited by tourists, but which are worth knowing.

A car trip through a rout heading to the salt flats and cliffs of the south of Mallorca will lead you to discover the beauties of the island as you travel through local roads, visit private farms and meet remote places full of stories and legends where you will enjoy the landscapes and local cuisine to the fullest.

What will your guided car tour be like?

Travel with experienced local guides driving your car. A radio communication system will keep you in continuous communication with the guides while you visit these beautiful and almost unknown places in Mallorca. 

To sign up for the excursion you must have a rental car. If you are in Mallorca and you still do not rent one, Driveando can help you get good prices.

Along the scheduled route, the guides will tell you where to make stops to visit places where you will learn many things about the culture, landscape, and gastronomy of Mallorca.

Thanks to radio communication tuned to a private radio frequency, you will learn details about everything you see along the way.

You can also ask questions and stay in permanent communication with the other cars involved in the tour.

The trip lasts about four hours and begins at a meeting place that will be indicated in detail near Palma to end in Sa Rápita, next to Playa d’Es Trenc.

It is a 97 kilometers route to explore and enjoy charming, authentic places full of magic.

Places of interest

Mallorca has many places to visit, unknown to most tourists. On our route, you will meet some remarkably interesting ones.

Cliffs that will take your breath away

The southern cliffs show impressive views while enjoying a delicious Mallorcan ensaimada.

The guide will tell us about the life of the lighthouse keepers on the island and will tell us about the unique and interesting life of Don Juan March, a relevant figure during the first half of the 20th century.

Salinas de Mallorca

The next stop is the Salinas d´Es Trenc an idyllic place where you can appreciate the ponds in which the concentration of salt in the water increases.

This is one of those places that it´s a good reference to show that it is possible to create ecosystems in which the action of man and wild animals live in harmony.

Due to their special characteristics, the Salinas de Levante were declared a Natural Area of ​​Special Landscape and Rural Interest.

Thank this, is not allowed to plan building projects in this protected area.

A representative of the salt company will give us an illustrative lecture about how the salt extraction work and the different stages of the process until the salt is reached our tables.

The visit ends after tasting the delicious Quelitas cookies with cheese.

An ostrich farms

After leaving the salines behind, we will head towards Artestruz, a farm founded in 1997.

The business began with twelve specimens from Africa and today it has 60 ostriches, among which you can meet the twelve pioneers.

Its owners, Uri Loffler and Josephine Desiree van Stokkum traveled for 16 years through Africa where their children Ohad and Johnny were born. 

At one point in their lives, they decided that Mallorca would be a good place to settle and they dared to dedicate themselves to ostrich farming. Today it is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the island.

Enjoy a guided tour through the farm and learn about all the products that can be made from this bird considered a direct descendant of dinosaurs.

This educational farm is delightful for children who can interact with them to get to know them better.

Artisan cheese factory

Next, you are going to love a visit to the artisan cheese factory, the only one in Mallorca.

The family will show us their cow, offer us their delicious product, and tell us a little about the history of this company that had its beginnings more than 40 years ago.

And to finish the walk …

Our tour ends in Sa Rápita, a town located next to the Es Trenc beach, one of the best beaches in Mallorca. With its three kilometers of white sand and crystal-clear waters,

it is a paradisiacal place the last you will visit in this spectacular tour along the South Coast of Mallorca.

Don’t let others to tell you: hire the tour and take one of the most fascinating trips you can imagine for your holidays in Mallorca.

Great experience!

Rated 5 out of 5

So much more personalized and you get to see and do things off the tourist track. Really enjoyed it and will repeat soon- thank you for a great day on this beautiful island!

Mar Riemer

Wir werden eine weitere Führung buchen.

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Wir haben sehr angenehme Stunden mit viel Informationen erlebt.

Siegbert Balhorn (TUI)

Danke an Birgit für diese interessante und abwechslungsreiche Tour

Rated 5 out of 5

Ohne dich hätten wir die vielen versteckten Orte nicht erleben können. Deine fröhliche und sympathische Art wird uns in Erinnerung bleiben. Bei unserem nächsten Urlaub auf der Insel werden wir dich auf jeden Fall wieder buchen.

Miriam Schöne (Getyourguide)

Very interesting Trip

Rated 5 out of 5

We saw things we would never have seen otherwise. The radio system worked perfectly. Bridget was lovely. It was not an issue for us but maybe for some so I will mention it. The tour did not end at the starting point but quite some distance away. You will need some form of navigation available to you to get back to your starting point or hotel safely.

Amy Whitaker (USA)