Rent a Kayak in Palma beach


Kayak rental in Palma Beach

Easy and flexible Kayak rental. Kayaking is not only one of the most popular water sports worldwide, but also easy for beginners and, most important, associated with a high fun factor.

Hire kayaks from renowned top brands and the best kayak paddles with total flexibility: by hours or for a whole day.

Prices per kayak

  • 1 Hour
    • Single Kayak 10€
    • Double Kayak 15€
  • 2 Hours
    • Single Kayak 15€
    • Double Kayak 25€
  • 4 Hours
    • Single Kayak 25€
    • Double Kayak 40€
  • 8 Hours
    • Single Kayak 35€
    • Double Kayak 50€


  • Single or double Kayaks
  • Oars


Swimsuite and sunscreen.


Our Kayak center is in Can Pastilla, near Palma city center. Once you book we will send you a mail with our contact details and GPS Location.

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