Camel riding in the dunes of Maspalomas

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A camel ride is one of the funniest things to do in Gran Canaria. A tour through the Dunes of Maspalomas is an imaginary journey full of magic to the Sahara Desert.

The camel ride in Maspalomas Dunes, which lasts about thirty minutes, is led by experienced Saharawi guides who do their best to make you enjoy it to the fullest. 

Your ride will be comfortable and pleasant: the camels have chairs at the sides for an exciting trip; no need to straddle and its consequences.

This popular tourist recreation was declared in 2004 as the Cultural Heritage of San Bartolomé de Tirajana.

The enjoyable and quiet ride on a dromedary through a protected natural area is perfect for everyone: share a great and unforgettable experience with your children.  

If riding camels is one of the things you must do, this is the perfect place.

Live a unique experience; riding a camel while you enjoy such a spectacular desert landscape is something that we all must do at least once.


The camel in Gran Canaria

The species of the camel that breeds in Gran Canaria is the dromedary Camelus. In ancient times, merchants domesticated these noble animals to bring their goods from southern Arabia to the northern Middle East.

Camels not only were a reliable means of transportation, but they also provided travelers with food, wool, shade, and shelter.

This unique animal can spend up to 10 days without drinking water. This is possible thanks to its ability to accumulate fat that it metabolizes to turn it into the water as needed.

Being such a resistant creature, during centuries the camel was and still is the faithful companion for travelers during the long journeys through the desert.

There are routes that are impossible to travel with motor vehicles where the camel is still the king of transportation.

Today they are also highly appreciated as racing animals and in many areas of Asia and Africa are still of great help to farmers, whether it be to till the land or to move water mills.

The camel, a calm and intelligent animal, has an unpredictable behavior that has earned it a reputation for being moody and stubborn. However, he is generally in a good mood and is tame.

But don´t be so confident: do not make a camel angry because he will kick and release saliva that if it falls in your eyes it will burn a lot. Let the experts guide you and everything will be fine.

Meeting point

C. Oceanía, 35100 Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Know before you booked

  • Bring comfortable clothes, sunscreen, a hat, and water.
  • staff open at 9:00 and close at 15:00. The last tour is at 14:30, you should be there at 13:00 max in winter. In Summertime, be there at 11:00

Gran experiencia con los niños


Había leído algunos malos comentarios pero la verdad es que nos lo pasamos genial. La gente encantadora!

Super recomendable para ir con niños.